I’m unsure of what services to book for!

If you’ve read my service descriptions here and find that you are still not confident in what to book for, feel free to reach out to me on my contact form! I will guide you through the booking process to ensure you are scheduled for the correct amount of time. New guests will always fill out a consultation form before they make a booking request to make sure we are on the same page and I can perform the requested services. Kindly note, I am no longer accepting new guest haircut only services.

What product lines do you carry?​

I strongly believe in using cleaner hair care products that are low-toxic and eco conscious. This is why I have partnered with a few of my favorite companies. I keep a couple of different brands within the studio to offer guests quality products at different price points to meet your needs. In my studio, you will find Mr. Smith & Hairstory. I’ve researched and compared these lines to others in the industry and firmly believe in their ingredients and missions. For color services, I use a gentle, Italian, B Corp company called Davines.

What is your referral program?

I love meeting friends and family of my loyal guests. I want to reward those who are recommending my studio to others as well as those who take the leap and book their first appointment with me! This is why I have created a special referral program. When you refer someone to my studio, you’ll have the opportunity to receive fun FREE stuff and other incentives! I’ve decided to switch up these incentives each month to keep things fresh, new, and exciting for my clients. When you refer someone to Coco Salon, you AND your referral will both receive a little goodie for your support of my business! Keep a look out on my social media for what the incentive is for the month!