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Okay I hope you have a minute to read through this post because I’m ready to change the conversation. I have to be honest. I’ve been completely ignorant.

Recently I made the “clean beauty” swap.

This is a movement to change the conversation about makeup, skincare and personal products by choosing ones that do not contain harmful toxic ingredients.

It dawned on me this year that I try to live a clean lifestyle by buying organic foods, consuming less, and try to eliminate environmental toxins as best I can in my home.

But what about my skin?

Have you ever looked into what ingredients are put into your collection of makeup?

As a hair and makeup artist, I’ve always purchased top of the line products. I’ve spent $$$$ on my makeup kit over the years. I need a product that performs. Out of fear I’ve stuck to what I know works and that’s as far as it goes.

Now educated, I no longer have any reservation in making the clean beauty swap.

The fact is big companies don’t want you to know what’s in their products.

I mean if they listed plastic fragments as an ingredient, would you still buy it?

If they listed this warning:





I think not. The truth is these ARE cause and effect of toxic ingredients. Does it shock you to know the personal care industry goes unregulated?

Yep. It’s true.

As a beauty professional I’ve been completely ignorant to the personal care and cosmetic world.

I’m changing the conversation.

I’ve made the clean swap.

I’m joining in the movement for safer beauty.

I've partnered with Beautycounter in making a step forward as an industry leader an educating about safer beauty.

Let me tell you why I choose Beautycounter.

Beautycounter is a company that BAN INTENTIONALLY.

•They PROHIBIT 1500 questionable or potentially harmful ingredients.

•They screen RIGOROUSLY, using best available sources.

•They source RESPONSIBLY. They choose the best organic, sustainable and synthetic ingredients that meet safety standards.

Please, join me this week in choosing one item in your personal care items to swap out. One of the kindest things you can do is encourage your family or friends to use safer personal care products.

You can shop and swap! See my link below.

And guess what, they do preform!

They have my my professional hair and makeup artist stamp of approval✅

So much love Fam,



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